Stanley’s Roofing 2024 Shingle Color Of The Year

Introducing the 2024 shingle color of the year from Stanley’s Roofing: Landmark Charcoal Black. This stunning and popular shingle color comes from Certainteed, North America’s leading brand of exterior and interior building products.

Certainteed shingle colors are a popular choice for homeowners seeking a durable and aesthetically pleasing roofing option. Let’s explore Stanley’s Roofing shingle color of the year so you can get inspired for your roofing and home design.

Roof Shingle Colors: Most Popular Styles

Over recent years, Stanley’s Roofing has seen an increase in property owners opting for a dark shingle color like Certainteed’s Landmark Charcoal Black. We predict this roof shingle color will only get more popular in 2024 since it can complement a range of architectural styles.

  • Traditional Charm

    Charcoal Black shingles lend a touch of classic elegance to traditionally-styled homes. This popular roof shingle color can provide a striking contrast against traditional elements such as gables, dormers, and intricate molding — making it a popular shingle color for colonial, Victorian, or craftsman-style homes.

  • Modern Simplicity

    Modern homes often feature clean lines, expansive glass surfaces, and minimalist design elements. Dark shingle colors, such as Certainteed’s Charcoal Black, provide a striking contrast against the neutral or monochromatic palette commonly found in contemporary architecture.

  • Rustic Retreats

    In the realm of rustic and cottage-style homes, dark shingles can add a touch of drama while maintaining a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Deep, earthy tones like Charcoal Black seamlessly blend with natural surroundings, creating a facade that feels connected to the environment. This pairing is particularly effective for homes nestled in wooded or mountainous landscapes.

  • Coastal Elegance

    For homes situated along the coast, Charcoal Black shingles can evoke a sense of coastal charm and offer a refined yet relaxed look. This combination is well-suited for beach cottages, coastal estates, or any home aiming to capture the tranquil essence of coastal living.

  • Urban Chic

    Dark Certainteed shingle colors like Charcoal Black effortlessly harmonize with the modern cityscape. The contrast of the shingles’ rich tones against the backdrop of urban materials like concrete, steel, and glass creates a sleek and stylish look. If you’re looking to elevate your city dwelling, consider this roof shingle color’s most popular choice.

About Landmark Shingle Colors & Features

Landmark shingles are engineered with a dual-layer design, featuring a tough fiberglass base and a protective outer layer, providing superior protection against the elements. They come with an Underwriters Laboratories Class A fire resistance rating, ensuring that they are a safe and reliable option for homeowners looking for added protection against fire hazards. Additionally, these shingles feature StreakFighter® algae resistance, protecting against unsightly black streaks caused by algae growth.

Landmark Color Palette

Stanley’s Roofing & Certainteed Shingle Colors

Stanley’s Roofing is proud to offer Central Florida home and business owners a range of high-quality Certainteed shingle colors to choose from. Our shingle roofing installation is backed by our reliable reputation, product and installation warranties, and financing options, so you can get this popular shingle roofing color installed on your property with peace of mind.

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