7 Questions To Ask Your Florida Roofing Contractor

Let’s face it, choosing a roofing contractor is not usually a fun process. Maybe you’ve got a leak or damage that needs to be fixed, ASAP. So, who has time to sift through all the roofers in your area? When it’s time to make the decision on who to hire, it’s important to make sure you’re asking the right questions so you can save money, time, and headaches.

Here are seven questions to ask roofing contractors before you sign the dotted line.

1. Are you licensed and insured?

The roofer you work with should have a roofing license in the city and state where they do business and requirements can vary from state to state. In Florida, any contractor wanting to perform roofing services of any sort must have a license. Roofing companies should also have both workman’s compensation and liability insurance. These protect the workers and the homeowner if something goes wrong at the job site.

2. How long have you been in business and are you local?

A roofing company that is established within the local community and has stayed in business for an extended period means that the company is obviously doing something right. And, a local business is one that you can rely on in the future if or when roofing issues arise. Stanley’s Roofing has been serving Central Florida for more than 14 years and is family owned and operated.

3. What do you do with refuse material?

Material waste is a normal part of any repair or replacement project — but it shouldn’t be your responsibility to clean up after your roofers. It’s important that your roofer will provide a container for waste and will talk to you about where that container will be placed to minimize damage to your property.

4. How will you protect my property during the project?

For both your budget and your peace of mind, it’s crucial to ask a roofing contractor what steps they will take to protect your lawn and landscaping. You definitely don’t want to add in extra costs for repairs, so be sure to have a discussion with your contractor about potential problem areas, including where the team will place equipment, patterns of traffic, and more.

5. Do you offer any warranties?

Roof warranties are in place to protect your investment. They could offer anywhere from one year, up to 25 years, or even a lifetime. So, make sure the roofer you work with is clear about the warranties they offer, whether it covers the products they use, their workmanship, leak protection, and more.

6. Do you accept payment plans?

A quality roof is an investment, which means it might cost more than you can pay at one time. A reliable roofer should be willing to work with your budget, so be sure to ask about financing options if you need it. Stanley’s financing options offer flexibility to property owners.

7. Can you provide a written estimate?

You don’t want any surprises when it’s time to pay the bill, so before you sign a contract, ask for an itemized written estimate. This should include material costs, labor, and anything else that could be added to the original estimate. Plus, it should provide information on the approximated project timeline and a full description of the work. Stanley’s works to be transparent with our customers, providing you as many details as we can before a project begins.

Ready to get your project started? The team at Stanley’s is ready to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to talk about your roofing needs.

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