It’s Time to Upgrade Your Gutters

If you’re like most people, you probably can’t remember the last time you checked your gutters. We don’t blame you. Gutters tend to be an out of sight, out of mind issue. But, your gutters are crucial to your home. They keep the foundation safe from damage and prevent costly repairs.

Keep an eye out for signs it’s time to upgrade your gutters and then contact the gutter experts at Stanley’s to install durable and effective gutter systems.

Consider Copper

One of the reasons you could choose to upgrade your gutters is to increase your home’s curb appeal. And copper is the perfect way to do that. These gutters aren’t just beautiful — they last a lifetime (80-100 years), are more durable than aluminum gutters, and increase the value of your home.

The team at Stanley’s have extensive experience working with copper — and can even create custom copper pieces for your home.

Other Signs To Upgrade Your Gutters

  • Visible Damage

    Visible damage is an obvious sign you need to replace your gutters. Small cracks, holes, or separated seams in your gutters may not seem like an issue, but they will only get worse overtime, leaving you with a leaky drainage system. This can damage your home’s siding, windows, paints, and even your surrounding landscaping.

  • Sagging

    Gutters should be flat and set flush against the roof. But heavy rain or clogged gutters add extra weight, which can cause your gutters to sag, bend, or loosen. If you notice bowing in the gutter, or any sections pulling away from the house, it’s time to repair or replace your gutters.

  • Overflowing Gutters

    Overflowing gutters are usually caused by three reasons:

    1. Your gutters are not long enough to handle the rainwater volume
    2. Your gutters are sagging
    3. The downspout of your gutter is clogged

To check the underlying cause of the overflow, it’s best to contact the professionals for an inspection of your gutters.

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