Metal Roof Colors: How to Choose the Right Metal Roofing Color

So you’ve made the decision to have your metal roof installed — now you have to answer the toughest question our customers face: Which color metal roof should I pick? With more options nowadays than ever before, it can be tough to choose the metal roof color that complements your home’s style. That’s why the Stanley’s Roofing team is here to share tips on selecting the best color metal roof for your home.

Simple and Stylish

If you’re having a hard time deciding on a color for your metal roof, neutrals are a safe and timeless color choice. Gray, clay, and tan pair well with just about any home color. You can always add pops of color in your trim and landscaping, or choose a bright paint for your front door.

Parchment Clay Ash Gray Polar White

Tropical Feel

Living in Central Florida, a beautiful beach day is never too far away. Bring that coastal relaxation to your home with a blue or blue-green metal roof. Go from deep ocean blues to the teals of more shallow waters. Or, opt for a tan reminiscent of the sandy shorelines nearby.

Ocean Blue Hawaiian Blue River Teal Sandstone

Modern Industrial

For a modern industrial feel, opt for a dark or metallic color to contrast white or light colored siding. This will create a sleek, balanced look that will accentuate the modern lines of your home. It’s especially great for homes with a lot of windows.

Metallic Silver Slate Gray Bronze Matte Black

Drop-Red Gorgeous

Make a bold statement with a beautiful red roof. Set against a neutral exterior color and a bright green lawn, your home will stand out in the best way.

Patriot Red Barn Red Burgundy

What Roof Color is the Most Energy Efficient?

Generally, lighter-colored roofs attract less heat than darker colors, so by choosing a lighter color, you can reduce your energy bill by up to 30%. But, keep in mind that today’s metal roofs are designed to reflect sunlight and emit energy as thermal radiation — so even some of our darker metals can be highly energy-efficient. At Stanley’s, we partner with metal manufacturers whose colors meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® Steep Slope Requirements.

Making Your Decision

Choosing your metal roof color is tough — so don’t rush it. If you’re having trouble deciding, talk to the team here at Stanley’s for guidance. We’ve been installing metal roofs for more than 35 years and are a trusted roofing contractor in Central Florida. Contact us today for an inspection.

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