Three Roofing Trends to Look Out For in 2022

As we wrap up the first month of the new year, it might be time to look into a new roof for your home or business. And, as you consider improving or replacing your roof, you should consider the latest roofing trends. Taking the most modern approach can boost your property’s safety, energy efficiency, and appearance.

Take a look at some of the 2022 roof trends to look out for this year:

1. Asphalt Shingles Maintain Popularity

A common material used for commercial and residential roofing is the asphalt shingle, and it will continue to be a driving force in 2022. This durable, budget-friendly option offers a variety of color and style options for property owners. It’s easy to install, easy to repair, and can keep your home or business well protected from heat, hail, rain, and wind.

2. Metal Roofing Is On-Trend

Metal is one of the top roofing materials and is predicted to rise even more in popularity this year. This roofing trend is long-lasting, providing decades of protection, and brings a sharp, sophisticated look to any commercial or residential property. Metal roofing also comes in a variety of styles and materials, including copper, another stylish and maintenance-free option.

3. Look for Eco Friendly Roofing Solutions

Another roofing solution we’ll see in 2022 is roofing materials that are better for the environment. You can reduce your energy usage in your home or business by opting for a tile roof. Our tile roofing options have been rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council for their energy efficiency and durability.

Is Your Commercial or Residential Roof in Good Shape?

If you’re looking to invest in a new roof for your Central Florida home or business, look to the roofing experts at Stanley’s Roofing. We’re keeping up with the latest roofing trends to better serve our customers. Contact us today for an estimate and consultation.

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