Specialty Roofing Projects in Central Florida

Do you have a specialty roofing project you need help with? You could spend hours or days searching for a Central Florida roofing company that has the experience you need. Here at Stanley’s, our team has 35+ years of experience handling roofing projects big and small. Take a look at two of the specialty roofing projects we recently tackled.

The Comfort Suites: Orlando Roofing Contractors Take On This 3-Story Hotel

All of our projects start with the appropriate safety measures. We cone off all areas of work and fit our team with OSHA-approved fall protection. Then, we started tearing off the existing concrete tile roof and replacing bad plywood as we went.

Next, we installed a special peel n’ stick underlayment for additional leak protection and continued removing old tile wall flashings. That’s when we got moving on the hotel’s new shingle roofing. We realized the existing tile roof had special vents. So, we created custom vents by hand in our full-sheet metal shop, so they will work properly with a shingle roof.

We installed Tamko Heritage architectural Shingles Old English Pewter, including hip and ridge shingles. Plus an Omni cap over-ridge ventilation along the entire ridgeline. All in all, this project came together beautifully.

Hotel Roof Before 2 copy
Stanley's Roofing, Roofing Project
Hotel Roof Before
Hotel Roof After

A Custom Tile Roof for a Central Florida Homeowner

Tiled roofs are beautiful and durable. And, they’re perfect for Florida homes — withstanding heat and salt air. For one Florida homeowner, their tile roof was in need of replacement and their existing tile color is no longer available. So, we created a custom tile blend to recreate their previous tile roof.

We laid samples out, mixing different colors to find what would match and look the best. We ended up using a beautiful villa-style tile in colors Mission Sunset and Hopi Blend. As we laid the tile, we strategically placed the Hopi blend tiles to create this custom look. We also worked directly with the homeowners’ solar company to make the process seamless with the removal of the solar panels and the reinstallation once the roof was completed.

Roofing Project Tiles
Stanley's Roofing, Roofing Project

No matter the size or scale of your Central Florida roofing project, the team at Stanley’s is here to provide expert installation and repair services. Contact us today for even the most unique roofing needs.

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