12 Days Of Stanley’s Roofing Magic

The Stanley’s Roofing team recently got a new helper from the North Pole — an elf named Stanley. With an extraordinary talent for roofing repairs and an affinity for mischief, Stanley brought holiday cheer to our warehouse and local roofing projects.

Shingle Shingle All The Way

12 Days of Christmas Hero

With Stanley the Elf’s help, our team fixed and installed shingle roofs — making sure they were in tip-top shape for Santa’s sleigh. Asphalt shingle roofing remains the most popular roofing choice among Florida homeowners, and Stanley’s Roofing provides high-quality shingles that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, durable, and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Roofing Tips To Stay Off The Naughty List

Elf in Gutter

There are a couple of ways homeowners — and roofers — can end up on the naughty list. Stanley the Elf was here to ensure our team and clients don’t get coal in their stockings.

  1. Homeowners: Keep Your Gutters Clear

    Your gutters’ job is to protect your home, but when they’re damaged or clogged with debris, it can result in roof leaks, water damage, and other issues. Additionally, clogged gutters create an ideal environment for pests, rodents, and mold. So, stay on the nice list and keep those gutters clean.

  2. Roofers: Clean Up Your Mess

    With Stanley’s Roofing, you can expect not only exceptional craftsmanship but also a commitment to leaving your property better than we found it. We make sure every nail, shingle, and other materials are disposed of and recycled when possible — just one way we show we’re a roofer you can rely on.

Here's a recap of Stanley's Roofing's 12 Days of Christmas

Take a look at what he’s been up to over the last 12 days!
On the first day of Christmas, Stanley the elf helped hang the Christmas lights! Just like our team, making sure your roof shines bright!
Day 1 Stanley Hanging Lights
Day 2 Sleigh on Shingle Roof
On the 2nd Day of Christmas, Stanley the elf was on the roof in his sleigh! He was double checking your tiles to make sure they were nice and safe for Santa’s sleigh—confirming our roofing strength and top-quality materials!
On the 3rd Day of Christmas, Stanley got caught stuffing gutters with debris – naughty elf! Our team ensures clean gutters, keeping your home cozy and dry this Christmas.
Day 3 Stuffing Gutters 2
Day 4 Trash Pile
On the 4th Day of Christmas, Stanley was trying to tell us we were on the naughty list for our trash pile? We recycle all old materials responsibly! We pride ourselves in keeping our projects nice and clean. No messes left behind. Add us to the nice list, Santa!
On the 5th Day of Christmas, Stanley wants to be a truck driver now!? WATCH OUT everyone! Stanley the Elf took the wheel of our Stanleys’ truck!

Our skilled drivers deliver roofing supplies with care, ensuring your projects are on time and on point! Don’t worry, we made sure Stanley showed his sleigh driver’s license.
Day 5 Elf Driving
Day 6 Sliding into Roofing 2
On the 6th Day of Christmas, Stanley really wanted to try sliding into roofing. Who said materials can’t also be slides?! Experience the durability and fun of metal roofs this holiday season. Stanley the elf tested.
On the 7th Day of Christmas, Stanley decided to be Santa’s little office helper!

Stanley got to help our office team prepare for the holidays and send out some special delivery mail!
Day 7 Office Helper
Day 8 Material Inspection
On the 8th Day of Christmas, Stanley decided we were due for a material inspection! He was on the move supervising the new materials coming in. Gotta make sure everything meets Stanley’s Roofing standards. Just like our team’s meticulous inspections, ensuring every detail of your roof is secure and snug for the holidays!
On the 9th Day of Christmas, Stanley was found trying to make snowflake roof art!

We believe every roof is unique, just like snowflakes. Our tailored solutions make your home stand out!
Day 9 Snowflake Art
Day 10 Team Meeting
On the 10th Day of Christmas, it’s time for a North Pole Meeting! Stanley had to join us for our team meeting. We think he misses Santa’s Workshop meetings. Our team meets consistently on and off of projects, ensuring your roofs get Santa’s stamp of approval for craftsmanship!
On the 11th Day of Christmas, Stanley is basically part of the team. He started the day by decorating our dumpster, and posing in front of our logo. We’re hoping he reports back only nice list news to Santa!

We’re happy to be bringing you roofing excellence this season!
Day 11 Decorating Dumpster

Happy Holidays From Stanley's Roofing

Stanley's Team

Merry Christmas from Stanley the elf himself and all the Stanley’s Roofing family! During this festive season, may your homes be filled with warmth, joy, and laughter. We’re grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us throughout the year and look forward to continuing to serve Central Florida in the coming year. Happy holidays from all of us at Stanley’s Roofing!

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