Your Guide To Clean Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters probably isn’t on your list of favorite things to do. But, it’s an important chore that can ensure stormwater doesn’t damage your home’s roof, foundation, and interior.

For those who are willing and able, cleaning out your gutters is one piece of roof maintenance that you can DIY. When it comes time to clean out your gutters, follow this guide to get the job done safely.

When To Clean Out Your Gutters

Fall is typically the best season to clean out your gutters, although it’s always a good idea to check gutters after a heavy storm — whether that’s Florida’s afternoon thunderstorms or a hurricane.

No matter the season, if you are seeing signs of clogged gutters, you don’t want to wait to take care of the problem. Some signs you may have clogged gutters:

  • If water is spilling over the edge of your gutters
  • If your gutters are starting to sag
  • If there is no water coming out of your downspouts
  • There is rust, stains, or paint damage on the side of your home beneath the gutters

Steps For Cleaner Gutters

  1. Gather Your Tools Beforehand

    There are plenty of methods to clean out your gutters, but the best one is the one that works best for you. Some people use pressure washers or wet/dry vacuums. Some opt for a special gutter cleaning pole that allows you to clean your gutters with both feet on the ground.

    But, you can also get the job done with just a ladder, bucket, work gloves, hose, and a scoop. Some crafty homeowners use a spatula instead, but most home improvement stores and hardware stores carry cheap gutter scoops.

  2. Follow Ladder Safety

    Anytime you’re up on a ladder, make sure you follow proper ladder safety guidelines, starting by putting the ladder on a flat, even surface. Be sure to have someone to stabilize the ladder to minimize your risk for an accident.

  3. Start Cleaning Out Your Gutters

    With a gloved hand or scoop, start removing debris starting on one end and working your way down to the other. After you have cleared out the debris, use your hose to remove any remaining debris. This also allows you to find trouble spots in the gutters where water might be leaking through. Double check that the water is flowing down and out from your gutters’ downspouts, at least four feet from your home’s foundation.

  4. Clean Up & Repair Gutters

    After you’ve cleaned your gutters take the time to clean up debris that have fallen under you or along the house. If you have spotted issues where gutters are leaking or sagging, you can reinforce screws and use sealant to close gaps between gutters.

A little gutter maintenance goes a long way and can keep you from needing to replace your gutters before it’s time. But, cleaning out your gutters also requires a bit of time and physical mobility. If your home is two stories or has steep pitches, it may be better to call in the professionals so you don’t put your safety at risk.

For all of your gutter repair and replacement needs, contact Stanley’s Roofing for quick and efficient service getting your gutters back in shape.

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