How Much Do Copper Gutters Cost? An Expert Guide

Nowadays, copper gutters are all the rage with homeowners — and for good reason. They blend style and durability, and come with a unique set of benefits compared to their aluminum or vinyl counterparts. So, get information on copper gutters cost, plus frequently asked questions about copper gutters to decide if they’re right for you.

Are Gutters Worth It?

Before we get into the details on copper gutters, let’s take a look at the list of benefits that could help you make a decision on your gutter system. Check out the advantages of copper gutters.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

    The main benefit of copper is that it’s visually stunning. Copper gutters fit in perfectly with many types of natural materials, including wood, stone, clay, and much more. They will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and, by result, increase the value of your home.

  • Low Maintenance

    Outside of standard gutter cleaning and maintenance, copper gutters require minimal upkeep. Copper is a natural algaecide and fungicide, preventing organic growth like moss, mold, and algae inside your gutters and lowering your overall maintenance needs.

  • Durability

    Copper is about 30% heavier than aluminum, allowing it to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Unlike aluminum or vinyl, copper gutters won’t crack, warp, or rust, making them a long-lasting investment for your home.

Copper Vs. Aluminum Vs. Vinyl Gutter Systems

With the benefits of copper gutters in mind, how do they compare to other materials such as an aluminum or vinyl gutter? Overall, copper gutters offer unmatched durability and aesthetics but come with a higher initial cost. Aluminum provides a good balance of durability and affordability, but may dent or bend under heavy impact. While vinyl is the most budget-friendly option, they can become brittle over time, especially in extreme temperatures. They are prone to cracking and may need replacing sooner than copper or aluminum.

So, How Much Do Copper Gutters Cost?

While copper gutters combine utility and beauty, these gorgeous gutters are also more expensive than its aluminum counterpart. On average as of 2024, copper gutters cost $22.55 to $70.80 per linear foot in the U.S. for the gutters themselves — about double their aluminum counterparts. This price varies depending on the type selected and the size of your home.

The higher cost includes copper materials for all the fasteners, nails, and fittings, plus expert installation from a team of copper gutter contractors.

Copper Gutters Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Lifespan Of Copper Gutters?

    Properly maintained, copper gutters can last 50 years or more. To maintain your copper gutters, be sure to clean them out regularly to avoid debris buildup and ensure proper drainage. You should also clean them with a gentle, nonabrasive cleaner that won’t damage the copper or its patina.

  2. Will Copper Gutters Turn Green?

    With age, copper gutters develop a patina as the material interacts with oxygen. It will start about 5 years after installation, turning the copper to a green hue. At the 30-year mark, copper gutters will become more of a lighter green/blue shade. If you want to keep your gutters from turning green, you can ask the professionals installing your gutters to apply an antioxidant coating.

  3. Will Copper Match The Style Of My Home?

    Copper gutters and downspouts add decorative style to your home or business. They’re a perfect match for high-end custom homes, traditional-style homes, and historic residences. It doesn’t get much better than the glint of copper along a spanish tile roof. However, copper gutters may not be the best choice for mid-century modern properties, because it can clash with the simplistic, minimal design.

Copper Gutter Installation Near Me

Copper gutters are a great choice for increasing the value and enhancing the aesthetics of your property. And, with expert installation from our Stanley’s team, you’ll have a beautiful gutter system that will last you a lifetime. Contact us today for more information about copper gutter cost and installation.

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