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5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Hurricane Season

In recent years, Florida has been hit by several major hurricanes, including Hurricane Ian in 2022, which caused widespread damage, flooding, and power outages throughout Cape Coral and Central Florida. Hurricane season is a stressful time for Florida homeowners as we try to keep our homes and families safe. One of the best ways to

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Copper Roofing Material being cut in a warehouse

Pros And Cons Of Copper Roofing

Copper metal roofing has been used for centuries and can be found on a variety of structures, from historic buildings to modern homes. Its durability, natural beauty, and sustainability make it a popular choice for homeowners today and a worthwhile investment for those looking for a long-lasting roofing material. But, like any decision when it

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Summer House Cape Coral

Residential Roofing In Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral, located in southwest Florida, is known for its tropical climate, stunning beaches, and natural canals. It’s a popular destination for homeowners to settle down and visitors to enjoy a beach vacation. Living in Cape Coral comes with its own unique challenges though, especially when it comes to residential roofing. Residential roofs in Cape

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House With Clay Tile Roof

Homeowner’s Complete Guide To Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is a beautiful and popular roofing option for homeowners looking for the longest life out of their roofs. In this guide, you’ll get info on everything you need to know about tile roofing materials, including styles, benefits, and more. What is Tile Roofing Tile roofs have been around for centuries and, like all

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StanleysRoofing Team

A+ BBB Rated Roofer: Central & Southwest Florida

When looking for a roof repair, replacement, or installation, look for a reliable, top-rated roofer in Central and Southwest Florida. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given Stanley’s Roofing an A+ rating for the last 16 years, which reflects our commitment to exceeding customer expectations and providing long-lasting roofing solutions. The Better Business Bureau Rating

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4 Tips For Flat Roof Maintenance

Flat roofs are one of the most popular roofing options for commercial and residential buildings. They’re simply designed and relatively low cost — but like any other roofing system, they require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. With these flat roof maintenance tips, you can save yourself costly repairs down the line. Inspect

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